Bigger Purse, Bigger Bucks Awarded to Drivers at Northeast Dragway.

Carla Winslow


A larger purse brings in racers from all over North Carolina and Virginia.

For Jr Dragsters Madison Tuck and Rookie Hayle Harrell their sights were set on the trophy. Tuck an 11 year old from Williamsburg, Va started her Jr Dragster career one and a half years ago after her brother decided it just wasn’t for him. “My dad let me drive it down the drive way a few times. After that he decided to take me to the track for a better feel. Once I made my first pass I knew that cheerleading would be a thing of the past. My dad bought me a KCS Jr Dragsters right after that”. Tucks father an Active Duty Military personnel said “Madison has the passion it takes to be a good driver. If anyone wants to see Madison on the weekends you have to come to the track. I enjoy spending Saturdays with my little girl. It’s what we do. We have enjoyed our times at Northeast Dragway and hate to say that in July we will have to relocate, but we have already mapped out the closest track in our area.” Tuck and Rookie driver Hayle Harrell met in the finals. Harrell a 10 year old from Edenton, NC had only made roughly 10 test passes in her Jr Dragster before competing in her first competition on Saturday. Harrell’s father David has been racing for years. Watching the Jr Dragster’s race at the track while her dad competes, she told her parents that she really wanted to give it a try. With help from friends Alice and Fuzzy Phthisic the family was able to get a loaner to see if Hayle really was sincere about racing. On Saturday night Harrell found herself in her very first final against Tuck. Although Harrell had a better reaction time, she would break out and give the win to tuck. 

Other winners throughout the night include Modified winner Leon Walston of Elizabeth City, NC. Walston faced Oscar Brookins Jr of Portsmouth, VA . Walston in his 1984 Camaro lined up against Brookins 1971 Nova. With a side by side race Brookins gave it up at the stripe, therefore giving the win light to Walston. A very emotional Walston thanked God for the opportunity to be a part of the sport that he so dearly loves. With tears he dedicated his win to his late mother Delores Walston and two of his fellow race car drivers, the late Gary Willoughby and Donovan Whitehurst.

TOP ET Winner Brian Crumpler of Elm City, NC in his 1968 Camaro took on Randy Etheridge. Crumpler’s .0049 reaction time gave him what he needed to beat Etheridge. Street Class honors went to Lee Cartwright over last week’s winner Calvin Boone.

Saturday was also the first race of the season for the 5.90 Index Class. Ricky Williams of Gates County, NC took his 1993 Chevy S10 to the winner circle after he beat Mike Hubbard of Suffolk, VA in his 1994 Black S10. The lights came down and with a deadly reaction time by Williams it gave him the win at the finish line over Hubbard.


Next Saturday brings more racing to Northeast Dragway. Gate up at 11 am with time runs from 1-3pm. Racing to follow. Test and Tunes are scheduled for each Friday night. For more information log on to