Northeast News

There will be no more Friday night's Test/Tune
due to the late night dew on the track.

Test/Tune/Grudge/Gambler's Race

Saturday November 1st, the track will be having a Test/Tune/Grudge and Gambler's Race! Gates will open at 11am with runs from 1-5pm.

October 8th to be announced


NdacCut presents Deadly Grudge "Da Last Callout"
  In the Top/Mod Combo Race, Top ET will only run against Top ET, and
Modified will only run against Modified. All will run on a Pro Tree!
for video of "Da Last Callout" trailer!



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 Northeast 2014 Point's Champions

The track would like to congratulate the winners of the Northeast points! Positions moved during the season and could have been changed in the last race, but due to the weather this year, the racers could only get in 9 races, while the Jr Dragster only got in 8 races. None the less, the competition was tough and the winners of each class worked hard to get there